12,000 Euro

I will pay the one who will succeed as the first to build a functional buoyancy power plant according to the principle described by "GAIA + ROSCH, the Alliance for independence" 12000 euros! [In words: twelve thousand euros] This will at least cover the "base cost" adduced by GAIA.

The criteria for being "functional": The system must permanently generate twice as much energy as is supplied and provide at least a constantly usable surplus of 2 kW. This is much less than the promised surplus value of GAIA. For safety, I have made a fresh copy of the GAIA web-page, on which the power plant parameters are listed. [Effective: 2014-08-04]

In addition, at least 10 plants have to exist that all meet the above criteria, which have to be built by 10 different people at 10 different locations. (I only ask for this additional requirement because I want to give a hard time to one or more potential fraudsters ...)


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A few words about my motives – why do I do this?

Good people, I want you to see the Emperor! He is naked! He wears no clothes!

I want you to understand(!) that you can not generate free energy the "old" ways.

I want you to finally wake up!!

There is indeed abundant free energy in any quantity. But you will not be able to produce it in a closed down 4-dimensional spacetime. Our conventional power plants would not work at all, if we would build them in a closed concrete or steel box. Without constant supply of energy in the form of coal, oil, gas, uranium, "moving water" (waves, tides), wind, a.s.o. none of today's power plants would work. And the same is valid for the "buoyancy power plant". You need to supply more energy in the form of electricity to the air compressor as the power plant produces in return. That thing just does not work "by itself". There is nothing more as pure mechanics.

I want you to think about why the world is as it is. I want you to grow up from your "childhood".

Excogitate on the Allegory of the Cave of Platon! And if you do not know what I want to tell you regarding the „naked emperor“, then read the story of the emperor's new clothes.


The next GAIA Newsletter, sent on 2014-08-07, states: „We have spared no expense in advance to separate facts from theories before we go public with such a topic. Meanwhile several site inspection certificates in Belgrade were initiated with renowned technical engineers. Electrical and endoscopic measurements were performed and reports were inspected. Discussions with technically competent engineers have taken place. Industrial plants investors were met, assessing their willingness to take risks.

Beautiful words ... nothing more. No name. Just do not get too specific! My name is well known to you (see above) as well as my address, my phone number, my email address. This ist he way one should communicate. I have given the "prestigious technical engineers" a temporary name: The Tarot card number zero.


I do not risk my life if I give away 12,000 euros. But it would quite hurt me. But I'm pretty sure that I have understood a couple of basic physical principles which keep our world moving. And this "buoyancy power plant" violates both the energy conservation law and the principle of Archimedes.

Think for a moment about why I am so convinced to take such a risk ...

I am not a trained physicist. I am only trained as an electrical engineering technician, and this I have completed more than 35 years ago (at the HTL in Linz). I earn my living as an IT service provider (website programming a.s.o.) for more than 15 years now. All my computer skills I have self-taught as an autodidact (leaving aside the fact that I attended the optional subject "Information Technology" the last year of my HTL school – we were still using paper tape at that time to store our programs...). Thinking for myself has always been more important than to believe. I have often been mistaken and am not free of it even today. I am still a learner.


And you? Those of you who still want to build the "power plants" because you still believe everything that GAIA + ROSCH keep in front of your noses – you may risk your money and spend thousands of euros to see one day that the Emperor actually wears no clothes. I do not want to discourage you in your personal learning process. Perhaps this money is spent well, if afterwards new knowledge is acquired. And if you belong to those who want to try it because of my 12,000 euros: Your discovery will be different from what you expected – but even this can be salutary.

And what about you, who you have become insecure now and do not want to risk the already budgeted funds? Have a beautiful vacation and put your resources into well-being! Or otherwise do something that is good for you. Or give the money to someone who may really need it. What ever ...


Kind regards,

Wolfgang Süß

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